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Ghost boy in the gymnasium....

Sightings: ghost of a boy, athletic or gym related, breathless, or running. Sometimes other sounds: basketball or steps.

Explanations: died of asthma in class or at practice, unsupervised, left alone

Summary: Anderson Highland High School, between Anderson and Chesterfield, Indiana, has been the location of ghost sightings for several years. There has been confusion over whether the ghost sightings were in the gymnasium or the auditorium, which is explained by the fact that the current auditorium was built inside an existing building where the gym was, and a new gymnasium constructed. The sightings are in the current auditorium.

Also confusion about the circumstances of the sightings. When the auditorium was built several classrooms were literally cut in half and the remnants blocked in. For a short time, these rooms could be accessed through ventilation and service spaces. This has since been blocked. The boy was crawling into some abandoned classroom space and became trapped. He was with a group of friends who lost sight of him and when he became lost and panicky, they could hear him but not help. The group fled to avoid trouble. He was apparently dis-oriented in a confined space without lighting or an obvious exit.  His remains are there today. What people call "ball bouncing" is actually pounding to try to get attention. The breathless sounds are in fact the result of panic.

Most sighting are reported in areas behind and above auditorium, including green room, backstage, catwalk, and behind walls.

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Indiana Paranormal Team