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Burial site of the evil Puckwuddies.... 

Sightings: Small, blue, nocturnal beings (Puckwuddies - also: Puckwudgies; term borrowed from the Pokanoket people who inhabited Nantucket); strange lights and sounds; feelings of discomfort and dread
Explanation:  Although often thought to be burial mounds of the Hopewell-Adena leaders, the mounds are in fact complex "do not disturb" warnings over the mass graves of the demonic Puckwuddies. (Unfortunately, they have been routinely disturbed)
Summary: Roughly 1000 years ago the Hopewell-Adena people fought a demonic race which we now call the Puckwuddies. Both cultures became essentially extinct.
The Hopewell-Adena, in an effort to contain the evil spirits of the Puckwuddies, buried their remains. (The Hopewell-Adena put their human remains on wooden biers, and allowed the elements to decay them, thus "releasing" the spirits). The mounds were elaborate signs indicating that future people should not dig there. (A similar idea was considered for the nuclear waste storage facility at Yucca Mountain. Experience shows that human nature compels us to dig into the unknown...) In the original habitat, they were effective. With the extinction of the Hopewell people and the arrival of white settlers, most mounds were either destroyed or excavated.
Of hundreds of mounds and earthworks originally in Madison County, Indiana, only the few in Mounds State Park survive.
The mounds (and the older mounds which no longer exist) were connected in an elaborate geometrical systems using existing ley lines.  The Great Mound and the Horseshoe Mound are part of a great triangle that includes the now non-existant mound under the Wigwam (See: Anderson High School - 1911 building) and in fact the Horsehoe Mound and the Wigwam are on the exact same line of latitude.
The site is part of a larger, regional ley grid and connected to another site of Hopewell mounds near New Castle, on Little Blue River (and former site of a large, institutional state mental hospital)
Puckwuddies, being released from their graves, continue to cause mischief in the area.
This site is adjacent to the Anderson Municipal Airport and the White (Wapehani) River 

Avoid angering the Puckwuddies! 

Indiana Paranormal Team