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Indiana Paranormal Team

Anderson High School (1911 building)
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Anderson High School (1911 building)
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Built on a haunted Indian burial ground.... 

Sightings: Too many to document.
Small beings in basement levels; moved, damaged or missing items; unexplained sounds; general feeling of unease
Explanation: Building built in 1910-1911 was built on site of pre-Delaware Indian burial ground. Building is cursed since the site was disturbed.
Summary:  These phenomena are closely connected to the sightings at Mounds Park, since the location of the school at 14th and Lincoln Streets (Anderson) was built over one of the burial sites of the beings known today as "puckwuddies".
Remnants of the local Delaware Indian nation advised against building a school at the location, telling the white community it would be cursed, but since the school corporation already owned the land, the decision went forward.
In order to avoid the curse associated with distubing the grave site, the school mascots was re-named "Indians" (from the "Ducks"!). This building was used as a high school until 1997, when the schools' name, colors and mascot was moved to another building, the former Madison Heights High School facility on Madison Avenue (Anderson)
After the "Indians" changed buildings, on June 25th, 1999, the original school structure burned to the ground.
Still in use is one of Indiana's largest gymnasiums, the Wigwam, which is also the only part still used by "Indians"- although Indians in name only, as the boy's basketball team plays about half a dozen games in the facility each winter.  
Beneath the Wigwam today is an amazing and bizarre series of floors, subfloors and labrynths far more complex that would be expected of a high school gym.
Considerable paranormal activity still occurs to this day.

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Indiana Paranormal Team