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Indiana Paranormal Team

Anderson High School / Madison Heights

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Suicide of scorned homecoming girl 

Sighting: Corpse-like sighting of teenage girl
Explanation: Jilted and humiliated girl kills herself following the homecoming football game while dance is going on in the gym. Seen either hanging, or walking and watching
Summary:  UPDDATE: The location of these sightings has been demolished as part of the rennovation process and no longer exists.
Event took place while the school was called "Madison Heights"
Younger girl was "set up" by older girls into thinking she would attend the homecoming dance with popular boy. When the prank was revealed, she was publicly humiliated and entered the school to kill herself. Remains were discovered and removed by staff; staff and family agreed to conceal cause of death and report it instead as a vehicle accident.
In what was the back hallway, running north/south from the pool to the band and choir rooms students and staff reported seeing either a ghostly image or hanging image that appears in the corner of your vision but vanishes when viewed directly
Students in the building late at night reported seeing student dressed in the fashion of the 1960's walking the halls, but vanishing when turning corners. Also hearing wailing, crying.
Students report a perceived malice towards females in particular.

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Indiana Paranormal Team