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Strange cult in rural Henry County... 

Sighting:  Cult organization on farm in northern Henry County with allegations of polygamy, child marriage, and bizarre rituals.
Explanation: The alleged cult, called the Good Book and Works Family, bought an old farm in northern Henry county between Muncie and New Castle. Recruiting from nearby Ball State University and among rural youth the farm has become a self-sufficient entity where the "family" stays most of the time.
Summary: Althought subject to some legal scrutiny recently due to allegations of methampetimine production, there has been little societal oversight of this organization. Unconfirmed rumors of dozens of children who have never left the farm, without birth certificates and living almost completely "off the grid"
Also unconfirmed reports of polygamous marriage, mostly of young women to the family's "Patriarch" who is legally named James Blount but who calls himself Daniel Isaiah Israel, and his brother, the family "Prophet", William Blount, who calls himself Ishmael Cain.
This group keeps an extremely low profile, home-schools their children, and avoids medical care-givers.
Comparisons have been made to the Branch Davidian community headed by David Koresh, of Waco, Texas, which was destroyed by an FBI raid, but these comparisons are usually the result of superficial statements by neighbors.
This farm is private property and is well-posted and watched. For this reason its location will not be described here.

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