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Hydro-carbon eating organism in solvent pit.... 

Sighting: Unknown animal living in pit of solvent, fuel, and factory waste
Explanation: New organism evolved to survive in industrial wastes
Summary: In the mid-1990's stories began to circulate about workers at Delco-Remy Plant 18 (Scatterfield Road - plant no longer exists) about animals living in the waste tanks there. The animals were described as roughly the size of a football, sausage-shaped, and the color of a "band-aid"
The overflow tanks contained various solvents, paint, fuels (diesel, gasoline, benzene) that could not be discarded with waste water. It was generally agreed to be a quite toxic mix of hydrocarbons and synthetic fuel addtives.
The existence of the animals was kept secret to prevent oversight from such organizations as the Environmental Protection Agency or laws such as the Endangered Species Act. Understandable given the state of the automobile industry at the time.
One organism was removed and kept in a jar. The specimen vanished once the story got out.
Was reported in the local paper, the Anderson Herald-Bulletin.

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